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Krista Gray-Kirschman shares her years of experience preparing homes to go on the market.

In this course you will learn STAGING SECRETS how to best set-up your occupied property for SUCCESS & how to appeal to the MOST potential buyers.


Included are detailed videos, pictures, and breakdowns of how to prepare all major selling rooms in your property or listing.

(Including but not limited to: entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, baths, bedrooms, offices)


Upgrade suggestions are also included:

-paint colors

-lighting, hardware, art

-cleaning & organizing tips & tricks,


Occupied Staging Course

How To Elevate A Lived-In Home For Sale

In this course you will learn to see a home as a product for sale & prepare it to appeal to the masses.

Included in this course:

-10 detailed videos ranging (5-20mins in length) with action plans for each room: entry, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, office, bedrooms, closets

-Detailed breakdown of the videos in descriptive notes

-Paint color suggestions (white, gray, and beige tone options)

-Home upgrade suggestions: paint, lighting, hardware, curb appeal

-How to declutter a home and why

-Most important things to do to your home to appeal to potential buyers

-Product tips & tricks for cleaning, organizing etc.

-Furniture arrangement examples

-Home decor styling examples


You will learn how to think like a stager & create a home that is market ready & will appeal to the most amount of buyers!

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